LMST Spirit Week Song

Hello All!! We're excited to reveal that we are making a group song and video with our LMST community! Listen to our covid-inspired lyrics and sing the song along with Gem Haley a few times. Then get your mobile device out and record yourself singing along. Send us the recording (rtraill@gnspes.ca) and we will add it to the mix and potentially a video!!
Here are the words! You are going to recognize the tune.
SWEET QUARANTINEarr. MillerTraill feat. Gem and Geordie Haley
00:00 / 02:42
1) You can listen to the music on headphones or external speakers.
2) If you are using speakers you should face them, The camera is in-between you and the speakers.
3) Please clap along with the music at the beginning of your recording.  This will help us synch your video or audio recording. (We will delete your clapping.)
4) Listen to your recording.  Make sure it is loud enough but not distorting.
5) Send the movie or audio file to rtraill@gnspes.ca

New! CBC Free Singing Lessons!

Hi Everyone, this was just given to me moments ago (Monday) and its looks really fun, and easy! 

Please read below and follow the link!

A new month-long project for little music lovers, led by a professional vocal coach. Well today, CBC Music and CBC Kids launch a month-long project to get your kids to use their inside voices to sing an inspiring song and share it with all of Canada. It's called the Inside Voices Project, where a professional singing coach will train your kid to sing, and then put them to work recording their own karaoke version of a song to share with family, friends and all the country using the hashtag #CBCmusicclass and #cbckids 

Halifax Regional Wind Ensemble Video

This is a video of students from around Halifax playing  John Lennon's "Imagine" as a Wind Ensemble, and it includes drums, bass and other instruments. Can you find the two former LMST Students? (HINT: Last names are Pearse and Kilfoil.)

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